*Quality of work*

We implemented high standards of services to meet expectations of the UK exporters in the quality of their Bilingual Formats for Information Exchange. 

Quality is our shared standard.  Your company image relies on the quality of English-Russian bilingual format.  Our Business & High Technology Solutions along with Language & Culture Bond Solutions are designed to add Russian flavour to your image.
This goal of quality fly is assured by highly professional skills and advanced technological tools applied for more than 20 years experience in business-to-business communication in person, in international fora, by correspondence and over Internet. 
Uniform style and terminology of your texts are assured by the same professional keeping and updating specific customer glossaries and supporting software tools and applications.
Revisions of source texts are essential to be sure that the text for translation meets the standards of the source language and conveys the understandable and adequate messages in both languages. 
Revisions of translations are essential for finalising the product.  For this, the translation is checked by the editor (a third party), the content, grammar and spelling, syntax and style, specific terminology being double-checked.
Quality control is our corporate philosophy to support the customer orientation and our quality awareness through the day-to-day practice. This is to ensure that the translations are taken care of in an efficient and motivated manner.

Hardware, software, and translation tools

IT equipment, services

Internet broadband 8Mbps, FTP site 2 GGB, wireless LAN of 5 PCs, Printers, Scanners, Video, Audio, Media, DVD, RW, etc.


Windows XP, FTP,  MS Office XP, up to 2007, MS PhotoDraw, MSFrontPage,  Word Perfect Suit 8; Adobe Acrobat 8, MS Publisher, Promt XT Family, PageMaker, WORD 2003 CAT add-in, etc.

Translation tools

Machine Translator Promt XT Family with proprietary customer electronic dictionaries and glossaries for specialist topics; Comprehensive Library of electronic and hardcopy specialist dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopaedias, manuals and guidelines on my PC, CD and web-sites.

Every translation, upon a specific request of the customer, will be strengthened by a translatorís certification and, if necessary, by the Notary. 

Continuity in service and quality via partnership with you is our aim.

Samples from recently accomplished projects, please click  SAMPLES.


En-Ru-En Translation Interpretation bilingual consultancy. Global escort.

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