These services are designed for the UK exporters when they urgently need independent view, advice, research, analysis of the Information Interchange in Bilingual English-Russia-English Format.

We arranged these services for access via different media free or @ local or consultancy fee:
voice, video and instant message communication via SKYPE VoIP;
voice communication via London telephone number;
audio conference for up to 5 participants connected via SKYPE or land lines, including myself;
file transfer via FTP or WEB site to/from your or my Internet point of presence;
text messages via e-mails, instant message, SMS,.

This is our policy to review the source information intended for our translation and make our judgment on its clarity and standard of the used language.  We may produce, if requested, a list of clarifications for the customer to agree mutual understanding of the texts before starting translation work.
This consultancy work is free of charge.

We also offer a review reports on the translation of documents or pieces of it done by your translators without prejudice.
We can offer a simplified version of convoluted texts or highly sophisticated bits just for your understanding with a complete language analysis in bilingual format.



En-Ru-En Translation Interpretation bilingual consultancy. Global escort.

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EURO 0.1 per minute

To-day's technology allows us to offer you friendly real-time interpretation of fragments of texts displayed by yourself via video on-line and enjoy an interactive way of information interchange in bilingual format.  This might be helpful if the document requires immediate actions and a formal translation may take unreasonably long time, or the company confidentiality policy requires the translation to be done at the company's premises.